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Thursday, 27 December 2012

But after all I'm not changing who I am

am lost in a massive sea of people and almost drowning from all the dramas of life

So like it's been a while since I really posted. The post before was a note I wrote in my notepad which was actually written on December 19th. And oh hello everyone I hope you guys had a great day!

I am writing this down to tell everyone, yes, every single one of my friends, that I really love you guys. Lol I know this is a bit random but I just want to say that I will never be who I am today if you guys weren't there. And I really appreciate our friendship. To those who don't know me or are probably not really close with me, just talk and say hi to me. I am seriously friendly. Well if I have the mood to talk lah. But seriously if you fuck up my concentration when I am fully focusing on something then prepare to be thrown with some shits. I just hate that. Like really hate that enough said.

So I want to share a bit about how did my day go. Yesterday I went to Mid Valley with a friend of mine and guess what guess what? I SAW ADIBAH AWANG! OMG get a life like seriously if you guys don't know her. She's like the best Malaysian vlogger ever! Well after Fatin Fadzil la hihi. I really admire her from the very first time I saw her videos. I mean her words are beautiful and inspiring. And it happens that she's a debater too! Aww too bad I didn't go for IIUM debate this year or else I'd see her already. But I'm guessing she's a hella good fella in debate. Her general knowledge is so wide man. I'm really green with envy right now. Okay she schools in a private school which means she's damn rich. And she's an awesome debater and vlogger. And it happens that she's quite cute too hihi. She's just perfect man! I'm really jealous of her Idk why haha. Oh wait I'll give you guys the link to her Youtube channel. Watch her videos and be amazed at what a Malaysian 17 year old girl's mind could think of.

So that was yesterday. I went to Sunway Pyramid today and believe it or not that was my second time being there throughout my entire 15 years of living. It's far tho and the hassle of getting there is irritating enough but I just knew one way to get there with less annoying things haha. And today was my first time ice skating yay! Judge me if you want to but I'm just too excited gahhhhh. Well it was hard at first but by the second hour I'm there I've already got the hang of it. But too bad we have to leave early for Galactic Lasers hmmm :\ But it was fun "skating" with my friends. They helped me a lot tho especially Hasnol Hadi and Asyraf Firdaus. I'm grateful for having friends who care like them. I fell down countless times and got my back wet. As wet as fuck as I can say. And oh I've got another story to tell. We went for Galactic Laser Tag and it was so awesome. Like it was dark and stuffs but it was nice running around here and there shooting people hihi. Well I got "shot" many times but hell who cares haha. I had some serious fun and I wanted to do it again but the people have to go back early hmmmm.

And that was all about today. It was seriously awesome and all those things keep my mind preoccupied for a while tho it was obvious I'm not enjoying what actually happened yesterday and I am still frustrated with that person (only Aida Hanani knows). Ammar Faruq noticed me and he just told me to let loose and have fun. And I did. And it was awesome. Gosh so there you go another post from me which is more to rambling instead of some "good" things hihi. So goodbye and see you guys again when I do see you xx
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