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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I loved you from the very first day

it was hard picking a picture to describe you and finally I chose this one because Louis is wearing suspenders which is one of your favorite accessories and you admire Louis :)

Yes, nothing is way better than spending the entire day with your best friend. Today was nearly perfect for me because everything, the most, went well. I cannot be more thankful for being blessed with this perfect day of December 5th. I don't know what else to say about today but it was a magnificent, amazing and joyful day for a lonely and lifeless person like me. Thank you for keeping me company and cheering up my day. I laughed a lot today and that is something I rarely do. I always feel left out when it comes to hanging out with people but not today. I was overwhelmed and words just cannot describe how my day was and I'm just letting you guys know that I went for movies and I watched Breaking Dawn and Life of Pi. Both stories are good in their own ways and they were moving and touching, especially Life of Pi. I literally cried a bit watching it as it was too sad. So I guess that's all for my day today and I love you xx
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