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Thursday, 13 December 2012

I'd like to be my old self again but I'm still tryna find it

December 13th will always be remembered in the hearts of all Swifties

Happy 23rd birthday TayTay! I love you so much and have a blast for today! I'm sorry I did not fanguy over your birthday this year like I did in past years but I just can't. People are hating on you because of Harry and I feel sorry for them. They've been spreading rumors and hates but there's nothing they can do to change my addiction and affection and love towards you, baby. I'll always love you to the moon and back. And they misunderstood about your effort of raising awareness of cancer in your song Ronan. They're just jealous because they're not you, Tay. I know you'll be strong to go through all these hates and you know your Swifties will always be there for you through thick and thin. I remember the time when you said "I don't care when people scream their hates over me because I know my Swifties will scream louder" EXACTLY! TOTALLY! And I hope you're happy being with Harry and just please make it through. And lastly I love you forever and ever Taylor Swift.
Black Moustache