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Sunday, 30 December 2012

If Allah puts you to it, He will pull you through it

appreciate every moment you have with your loved ones

Am currently updating from the iPod because I'm already late. People, remember that Allah can take your breath anytime He wants or anytime He already set out since azali. I always have this mini heart attack whenever I hear about someone who had just passed away. It gives me some sort of reminiscing time. The time when I realized I won't be living in this world forever. When I realized I have too many things to be thankful of. And the most saddest part is when I realized about all of my sins. Ya Allah give me strength to face this obstacle in the future. I mean it would be so hard trying to be strong and to face the world without the people you love. I've said something about losing people in one of my last post so I'm not gonna repeat  what I've wrote. 

So the story is, one of my best friends, Mumtazah Annura, lost her beloved father earlier today. Her story was tragic and traumatic. It was 2 AM and she was watching some random Korean movies on her laptop and suddenly her mom called her. She went to her mom and saw her father sweating and they brought him to the hospital. And while they're on the way, her mom drove the car and she sat at the back with her dad. And she saw her dad having breathing difficulties and she just knew that was the time. Her dad passed away beside her. Omg I almost cried when I heard this. It must have been so hard for her. Heart attack and smoking was the main cause of death. And I remembered my dad who smokes :'( Annura's dad was only 48 and my dad is 43. Omg I just can't. No no no no the thought of losing him is hurting. I need to stop. I'm literally crying. So everyone appreciate you parents as long as they're still here. I love you goodbye xx

p/s: please recite Al Fatihah to Annura's dad and pray that he will be among the good ones, amin
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