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Friday, 7 December 2012

I'm on my way to believing

didn't know how lost I was until I found you

There's no doubt, I really miss my friends. My primary school friends, to be exact. I swear they're the most craziest and most retarded persons ever on Earth and I love them! It's funny how we have a new story to laugh every single day. Like everyday, we'll go to Saveetha and Sonia's place and talk crap. I really miss those times. 

Manzil with her rabbit teeth would spit every time she talked and she'd be the most talkative person ever.  She'd talk about her family and how annoying her brother was and bla bla bla. She eats like a  pig and hell don't ever mess around with her food, seriously. She had this crazy obsession over David Archuleta back then and I don't know but I think she's obsessed with most of the guy stars haha. She created many songs and I like the "bakuteh" song and "chapati" song the most. Oh shit I really miss her with her rabbit teeth. Now that her braces were gone and her teeth are normal, it's different. I mean she looks GORGEOUS! Seriously. I never thought I'll ever see her as pretty as I'm seeing her rn. Gosh I miss her badly. And I remember this "oh I BREAST my brother" HAHAHA she was about to say "I bless my brother" but she said breast instead rofl hahahahaha and yeah I miss her.

Saveetha the die hard Twihard! haha. I still remember her face the first time when I said I'm not single and how she nagged at me and how she told me to break off haha. She's the anti relationship kind of girl but yeah not now. I mean she had a boyfriend and I laughed when I heard about that. Seriously. I never thought she'd be in any relationship until the end of high school tho but yeah people change. She'll be our news reporter. I mean she knows everything like what's going on, who's dating who and bla bla bla. She's tall, taller than me I guess and she is one pretty Indian woman! Oh yeahh, she'll talk about boobs and stuffs and she'll act like I'm not there haha. She'll say "your boob is big, woman!" and will tap at the boobs hahahahahaha! I remember when she invited me to her Deepavali open house and hell did we had fun! I really miss those times and I don't know how many times did I repeat this ._.

Brenda the cool Chinese. She'll be the most quiet but then when she had a story, she'll transform from her quiet mode to the other Brenda haha. She's one pretty girl and she'd been in countless relationships zzzz. She'll say I'm not into Indian guys but then she'd been with Indians haih. I really really miss her. I remember when I dropped some food on her baju kurung. I forgot what food it was but it was watery and she got really mad at me. Oh yeah I remember! It was jeruk that our teacher asked us to bring haha! And hell did she got really mad and for that, my nails were coloured by her sheesh haha! I miss that. I miss disturbing her hair everyday. She's got pretty hair tho. Oh yeah I miss messing around with her fringe haha! Her fringe were SO long that she clipped it to the upper part of her head and I'd take off the clip and her fringe will fall haha! DAMN I MISS HER!

Sonia the crazy one. She'd do weird faces every time she talked and she, like Saveetha, will also talk about boobs and stuffs haha. But she plays guitar and she's an expert in it. Watch her covers and you'll be amazed. I still remember our performance of Send It On for our jamuan akhir tahun. And she laughs the loudest! HAHA! I remember when she invited all of us to her house and went swimming. I don't really remember did I swim or not but I remember getting wet haha lol it was awesome! Now that she's in Aminuddin Baki and she got new friends, she left us hmm so sad :( But I really miss her damn much

How could've I forget Nabilah ._. Eventho she's a Malay but she's still as crazy as the others haha! I remember when I came over to Nabilah's house and Sonia played the guitar and it was raining if I'm not mistaken. I remember the swirly stairs in Nabilah's house haha! And the little garden in the middle of her house. Man is she damn rich o.O And her mom's sizzling restaurant at KLCC's food court. And she's one crazy nenek. I mean she talks a lot and she bullies me a lot ._. And I miss her.

Fathin. My Twilight obsessed friend haha. She's not less crazy but she can control herself tho. She's one smart ass girl sheesh. She's in MRSM TGS now and I see her a lot especially during debate inter MRSM. Ahh seems like we can't be separated lol. She used to be Nabilah's neighbour and now she moved already. She's the person who will listen to everyone's stories and the one who'll laugh haha. She used to have a nice voice but I don't know what happened now haha. I don't really miss her because I see her every year lol. Hell no I do miss her.

Guys, I still remember the first time I did a blog and you guys were like "why" and I told you guys I wanted to express myself ceh haha. And I remember when we did a volcano for Science and how we hated Teacher Habibunessa aka Habiba and how the volcano had its PMS lol. And how we'd laugh to all lame jokes, how we really admired Teacher Zuraida, our class teahcer. How we really hated Aida Nadhirah but still friends with her. I really miss us being retarded and going rehat together and making noises at the back of the class. How we'd camwhore ourselves HAHA x) Seriously I miss primary school with you people. My primary days couldn't be any better without you guys. Thank you for the days, guys and I love you.

I'll post some retarded pictures of us from my 2009 album of 6 Wawasan. I hope you guys won't mind hehe.

2012 ; this was yesterday. Manzil, Saveetha and Fathin showed up

2012 ; look at how we've changed over the years

2009 ; Sonia, Fathin, Saveetha, Manzil lol

2009 ; Fathin and Manzil, retarded as always

2009 ; a happy babinzil lol

2009 ; look at the adorable me awww haha

2009 ; don't mess around with my food, nuff said

2009 ; me and Saveetha

2009 ; my classmates with our class teacher

before ; look at our cute faces aww

after ; and look how we've grown

2009 ; I'll always remember 6 Wawasan SKTM 2009

2009 ; meet Nabilah, Fathin, Saveetha, Manzil, Brenda, slut (Aida) and Sonia
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