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Monday, 3 December 2012

It's beautiful, wonderful don't you ever change

admit it Directioners, you're just jealous because you're not Taylor

All these rumors about people ship-ing Harry and Taylor is true after all. I don't really care or give a damn but I pity the Directioners who are hating on Haylor just because Taylor writes songs. I mean wtf la sia. As long as they're happy, you should be happy too. You don't have to hate Taylor just because she writes songs. Anyway she hurts a lot and isn't that most of the girls do? Love and hurt? I don't mean to be judgmental but for me, it's a fact that girls really hurt a lot and they'll express their broken hearts in different ways. Let it be cutting themselves or etc but Taylor chose writing songs. And the Directioners should be proud because Taylor is a good person. She's not the type of person who goes out every night and gets drunk and wear tiny dresses and stuffs. And one more thing, she don't have 200 boyfriends. It's the media who said so. She only have like 5 or 6 boyfriends so far. It looks many because she writes many songs about one guy. Do you get me? Now stop hating on Haylor and let us all be happy for them. Now shut up.

And I read in the papers today that this year's PMR question is 'WEIRD'. Yes, that was the word used in the article. AND HELL YEAH I AGREE. I mean I used the Past Year Questions books and it was hell easy. My confidence of getting straight A's was increased when I finished that book because past year's PMR was so easy that my friends and I made a competition of who will score full marks or etc haha. And suddenly when it comes to the actual PMR of 2012, I was doomed. The first day, Bahasa Melayu. IT WAS TOUGH! The essay questions were so asdfghjkl. I don't know how to describe it. I struggled a lot in finding points for my essay and I don't think I've given my best. So government, I heard you're increasing the graph? Wtf is all I can say. The questions were hard, please decrease the graphs. We beg you. Please
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