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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Time flies too fast you don't even have the chance to enjoy the present

did you realized the moment you read the title has become your past?

I swear the moment I realized about all these present and past and you'll never have the chance to realize it's the present and stuff really made me think so hard. Why must it be so irony? Gosh it really is true. The moment when I wrote "I" has already become the past. OMG I can't live anymore with this such an irony feeling I just can't stop thinking about this *sigh

Eventually we will leave everything behind. Our plain and boring life. The magnificent and remarkable moments. The pain and sorrow. Laughter and tears. Sweat and perspiration. Inspirations. Family and friends. This mad world. Everything will just go away from you one day. And the moment you realized you have nothing else left, is already too late. Gosh can't any genius scientist geek invent a time machine already? I'm gonna miss all these. 2012 had treated me so well though the pain was still there peeking and poking at me whenever it had the chance to do so. I learned a lot this past year. Mostly about friendship. Never put your hopes too high on something that you know you will never ever get the chance to have them. Don't ever trust anyone but yourself. There is still someone out there who cares for you even though they're just a deejay on the daily radio. It's true though it's a little weird. Sometimes the deejay is a better listener.

So I had no idea what in the world possessed me just now that it made me think of my future. To be honest I'm scared of my future. I mean I have no goals in life. I can't even see what I'll be doing 5 years from now. Hell I can't even decide what stream am I going to take up next year. I have this passion in writing (obviously) but my parents really want me to be an accountant. Well I think I can do both of them at the same time but I don't know. I write song lyrics when I'm bored. Sometimes I write stories of people around me. Psst this is a secret but I have a notebook that I always carry around in my bag at school which in that book, I'll write about mostly everything that happens around me. Well it's not a secret anymore pfft. With that book, I learn to be more observant of the surroundings. And oh oh next year I am seriously going to do the empty a jar and put happy things inside the jar and read it by the end of 2013. It sounds cool. And I really need to start saving up for my future. I mean I don't want to constantly ask money from my parents. I'm not that sick to always ask things from them. I should be independent knowing that next year I'll be sixteen (still can't believe I'm sixteen next year). Oh I don't know if the world just stopped or am I mad or whatever but I thought about what it'd be like to have children. I mean what will I teach them? What will be the valuable lessons that I'll pass on to them? I have no idea. I don't know why but I want my children to debate. I want to send them to an international school (if I'm still in Malaysia) and give them exposure to debating. I don't care if my son ended up not the school's athlete but I want him to debate. I really do. Haha okay I'm thinking this too early I guess.

So the main thing is I'm not ready for next year. I bought some new stuffs today and it reminds me that school's reopening in less than 10 days. I hate it. I don't hate the school but I hate the fact that I have to follow the rules and stuffs like that. Hmm so now I don't know what else to say. Oh I know I'm bragging but hey everyone I just got myself the new iPod Touch kbye. Haha x) I'm still so stoked about this forgive me for that. I feel like telling the whole world I just got myself the new iPod. Okay Qadri you better stop or else people will judge you. So everyone thank you for keeping up with me until this far. I love you guys and I hope you guys will love yourself and  forgive everyone who had done mistakes to you. Until then, goodbye xx
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