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Saturday, 5 January 2013

I love you to then moon and back

I will always think of you guys, friends

Hello everyone! Actually I am a dead tardy meat right now. My mum is screaming like crazy omg I just can't. So as you guys know or might not know, I'll be going back to college today. I cried. Hell yeah I cried. For the first time throughout my entire 3 years studying in Baling, I cried. I CRIED FOR GOD'S SAKE! I cried because I don't want to leave my friends behind, especially the new friends I got recently. I really love them tho we've never actually met or talked but I still love them. Especially Amir. He's like my brother seriously. I don't know how to survive in college without him or Wawa :'( I love them to the max! Amir Syafiq, Najwa Najat and Aisyah Atiqah. I really do love you guys okay. Please don't forget me and Insyaallah we'll meet someday. Well that is all for now I guess. I wish all of you good luck for school or for whatever you guys are doing in your life right now. Wish me luck and I love you guys. Goodbye and see you when I see you xx
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