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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

It's time of the year when I get a little bit bigger than then but I am the same as I was

can I like fanguy over them like all the other fangirls did? no? okay

So hello again! I'm happy today yezza! I've got Amir Syafiq by my side and everything's okay. I love him really tho we only knew each other for like not more than a week but he's like my own brother. He cares about me so much that I think he cares more than I care about myself  lol. I love you Amir.

Basically this is the post that I'll rant and ramble on the things that I want to do throughout 2013. Well this is strictly NOT a resolution. This things are a must! I must do all of these stuffs listed or 2013 is just another wasted year of my life like the other years. So here it goes.

1. Write a song
I really wanted to do this since the beginning of the holidays but I can't seem to find my source of information. Now that I've found my inspiration, I think this would be easy. Oh yeah and maybe I'll write a song based on what I'm going through now or maybe even my "sweet" sixteen life. Lol just wait until it becomes a hit!

2. Make a piggy bank
Lol not exactly a piggy bank but I need to save up so I decided with Anas Safwan to always save for this year and we'll buy ourselves the Crumpler bag in KLCC which costs almost RM300! Well that's our goal, at least. And I should start like instantly and I'll use the tabung that Aida Hanani gave me for my birthday last year. Aww I'm so romantic pfft.

3. Don't miss any solat fardhu
This is the ultimate must! No excuses, dear Qadri. And if possible, I want to do as many Qiamullail as I can this year. Well it's not wrong to set our intention right as the first step, right?

4. Write a book
Okay this may sound crappy for it to be done this year when I have to focus on my studies and stuffs but I'll try to write something. If it can't be done by the end of this year I'll continue the masterpiece next year then.

5. Get 3.7 and above for all exams
People are saying upper form is not easy so I'm challenging myself to get at least 3.7 and above. But if possible I want that 4.0 teeheeeee

6. Take a picture of me with my bestfriends
Well I must do this! Knowing that this year we'll be separated is hard. I really wish we can stay as a batch forever hmm. I love my batch so much enough said. (teachers, I want a picture of our batch!)

7. The don'ts
Don't backbite. Don't be a hypocrite. Don't sleep in class. Don't overthink about everything. Don't say bad things about others. Don't delay the homework. Don't use a lot of parents' money. Don't hope too high. Don't expect everything to turn out perfect. Don't be a lazybum. Don't swear a lot. Don't judge people. Don't expect everyone to like you.

8. Don't cry on my birthday
Lol I cried every single time on my birthday since 2010. 2010 because of break up, 2011 and 2012 because of I'm thankful to Allah that I was born. So I'm hoping that this year I won't cry because I just want to celebrate this birthday with my friends in college.

9. Make videos
I've been making this silly and "syok sendiri" kind of videos and I thought I have the talent of talking in front of the camera lol. I'll be making some videos this year with my best friend teeheeeee.

Well I think 9 is enough. It's too much I think haha. I hope I can accomplish all these by the end of this year. Wish me luck! Until then, goodbye xx
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