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Thursday, 24 January 2013

When the stakes are really high and you decided to give it a try.... when you truly understand what life is all about; taking chances

Hello everyone! Here I am again in front of the computer updating from Jitra. Well before I forget, Happy Maulidur Rasul to everyone! Don't forget to selawat to Rasulullah SAW more today. And oh I'm back for a short 4 days break and we decided to go to Faidhi Afiq's hometown here in Jitra and there are like 15 of us in the house lol

There's so much to tell and I've wrote every single thing that I wanted to share here in my iPod's notepad but too bad the battery's dead hmmmm. Oh yeah! My birthday was last week and I think I should start with that. Well I had an awesome birthday tho the beginning of the day was not as I expected but I had fun. My first wisher was Iman Nabil (but he cheated) and I forgot who my last wisher was. I thought it was Asyraf Anor but Teacher Normazaini came in later but lol who cares anyway. I got a birthday gift from Hanafi and seriously that was the sweetest gift I've ever got. He gave me a key chain from USS and there was a big star on it and when he gave it to me he said "Good friends are like stars" and I continued "They're not always visible by your side but you know they're there" and I almost broke down but instead I hugged him. I really love him so much. And I played touch rugby on my birthday and rugby turned out to be fun! I've never knew that lol. I enjoyed playing it and I'm looking forward to play rugby again! Seriously. And my friends threw me a surprise tho I figured it out but I appreciate their effort of doing it. I do have amazing friends after all. I can't remember everything but I'll update again later but I think that is pretty much everything. I'm not ready to grow older just yet hmm but there's nothing that I can do. I mean life stops for no one and we just have to move on and carry on as long as we can. So I guess I'm stopping here for now and I'll update again. Goodbye xx

p/s: I miss Wawa and Amir badly :(
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