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Friday, 8 February 2013

Take this little piece of shit and appreciate it

what you need to know is to try to let it go

Mixed emotions. That is what I'm feeling right now. So I got the offer to go to MRSM PKP which is MRSM Taiping and that was what I've always wanted to but the sad part is I have to let go of everything in Baling and move on with (I guess) a better life in Taiping. I feel sad knowing the fact I have to leave my awesome friends in Baling and at the same time I'm nervous of what Taiping would be like. I really hope the friends in Taiping will be as awesome as my friends in Baling. No I did not say my new friends will be able to replace my friends in Baling because they're irreplaceable. Just like they say "berkawan biar beribu". You know what? I don't know what else to say because I'm emotionally depressed and I can't think properly. I cry every time someone sends me a goodbye wish and I'll reminisce all of our memories together since the very beginning. Like Justin Bieber said "Friends, the beginning of the end. How would it make sense" or something like that. Whatever it is, I love THE one and only first batch of MRSM Baling and forever will I love them. And remember this, guys; "Once a first batch, ALWAYS a first batch". Goodbye all!

p/s: I talked to Ameer John (the president of our batch) about making a reunion in the future and we planned on making the reunion on a cruise. Who's agreeing with this idea? I think it'd be great!

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