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Friday, 29 March 2013

Everything was easier back then when we have nothing to worry about

I don't know if it's normal to always feel sad and confused all the time at this point of my life

Assalamualaikum. It's been a while, I know. GOSH I REALLY MISS TYPING AND RANTING IN THIS BLOG! So I'm reflecting on my one week holidays which is not really a full one week because of the stupid scouts' jamboree. I don't even know why the heck did I agree to join the jamboree tbh. And for that I only have 4 days of holidays with tons of homework waiting to be done (hell if you give me a year of holidays I won't do the homework either lol). I hate upper secondary life. I hate growing up. A problem with growing up is that you procrastinate more. One moment you're doing your homework and then the next thing you know you're tweeting or maybe laughing at some pointless things on Twitter or 9GAG etc etc. Distractions haih. We get distracted easily (especially when we do the things that we hate aka homework). I, myself hate of being so rajin and do my works on time. Last minutes and copying don't hurt, trust me. So to sum up my holidays, I only have one whole day to do my homework but I woke up late on that day and wasted some hours on random things and I only started my homework on 3pm and ended my homework session at 5pm and that's it. Yeap that's the only time I did my homework. I opened up Biology book but I don't understand a single fuck so I headed over to Physics. The same thing happened so I went on to Chemistry. It turned out confusing so I decided to procrastinate aka tweeting. And there was my homework left undone. Gahhhhhhhhh somebody help me face life! I don't know how to face exam if I keep on being like this. I don't know what's my problem lol. Most probably is because I am still used to being carefree (like I was in Baling) and when I enter Taiping there are so many smart asses and rajin people that I get culture shock. I just can't. MY GOD I JUST REALIZED HOW SHITTY THIS POST IS. Now I'm starting to talk crap. Better stop now, goodbye! I'm going back to college on Sunday btw.
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