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Friday, 19 April 2013

It's hard to believe that I've finally found the happiness that I've been searching for all this while

Little Rascals is one of my favorite movies of all time

It took me a book to make me realize that life is not always shitty. Well, life does has its own ups and downs but I just have to deal with the hardships and just eventually move on. I've been in Taiping for the past 2 months and words just can't describe how I wished I've never transferred there. I wish I've never applied for  the PKP program which for me is no difference than the usual MRSMs (just that the teachers teach like some sort of bullet train going to nowhere). I wish I've never been too excited to leave Baling. I wish I've never did the UKKM seriously. I wish I enjoyed my life to the fullest during my last few weeks in Baling. GAHH TALK ABOUT TURNING BACK TIME!

2 months for me is still not enough to be me. I cant be my usual abnormal person like I was before. And within 2 months I still cant manage my time. It's just that I'm used to how Baling is like and when I entered Taiping I got culture shock. I mean everyone and everything is just too good. I still remember this one time when my classmates didn't know about this one homework that the teacher said she wanted it by the tomorrow and eventually I knew about it and when I asked them, nobody knew about it and suddenly by the tomorrow everyone finished the work. Except me. I thought they were not doing it and it turned out they did it the night before. Pfft. See how they're too good? Enough said. I am aware of the fact that I need to step up and change to be a better person. And that I need to be a bit more hardworking. It's because when you're surrounded by a group of hardworking mofos and smart asses, you'll feel like you're just a stupid potato. I just can't okay. Screw those hardworking and smart and good mofos.

Btw I'm back for a short break. GOD BLESS SULTAN PERAK FOR BEING BORN AND WE'VE GOT SOME HOLIDAYS AND THE BEST PART IS THAT I'VE GOT NO HOMEWORK BUT THE THING IS I JUST DID MY VERY FIRST EXAM IN UPPER FORM AND IT WAS AS BAD AS FUCK! Seriously. I don't think I'll get the results that my parents would be proud of. No. Just wait and see. I'll write more next time goodbye xx

p/s: I've been spending most of my time reading Chicken Soup For The Soul because it's just too great to be put down
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