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Monday, 27 May 2013

Because reminiscing is the thing we do best

hold your breath and count to ten and just hope things will get better

I realize how I am not a grateful person. How I ramble too much and complain about me entering PKP. After I read Amira Aina's blog just now, she made me realize that I need to be grateful for whatever we have at the moment. Yes I admit Taiping will never be the same as Baling but hey there's a reason why Allah had put me there. I will try my very best to prove that this opportunity will not go to waste. I will make use of it to gain experiences that I wont get anywhere else. And because of that, I will take whatever chances that are available in order for me to survive the aftermath aka university in overseas. I will try my best to survive this 2 years and get good results and go overseas. That was a promise I made to myself since I start schooling in primary, practically. To go and study in overseas is basically every student's dream. Unless if you're that narrow-minded, you will want to go overseas by any means. I just cant wait for SPM to be over and get sponsored and make my parents proud. Okay so from now on I wont complain on Taiping this and Taiping that. If I ever did, then I'm giving you guys a permission to punch me or give me a slap in the face because I promised. I wont ramble on why Taiping is too hectic or dull anymore. I wont rant on how I miss my batch. Yes I need to move on. I'm sorry but I have no other options. To focus on my future and at the same time, to not forget the place where all of my dreams to be a successful financial accountant began. I will try very hard for the sake of myself, my family, teachers and friends in Baling. I want to make them proud. I really do. I better stop now. I'm leaving for Australia tonight! Pray for my safety okay. I will post some pictures and bring back some souvenirs, Insyaallah. Until then, goodbye!
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