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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Having feelings sucks

I was afraid of the darkness but now I'm regaining the strength to overcome the problem

Assalamualaikum and hello earthlings! I am currently in the Computer Lab and I just realized how my classmates are a bunch of cowards. They're too scared to do the "stuffs" that I usually do for example staying in the lab even after class has ended and my Biology teacher is absent haih. Ahh go to hell I don't care.

So my Finals are coming up this Thursday and up until now I havent done any revisions yet. Screw studying. My target for this first semester is just something average and at least my parents would be proud that their son actually survived a semester in Taiping /claps/ I cant wait for the semester holidays and go to the Australia trip and spend some lovely time with my family and friends. Never in my whole entire life of being a boarding school student that I feel this stressed out like I am right now. Seriously. I think I better stop now. Time is almost up. Until then goodbye xx
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