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Friday, 12 July 2013

People are lonely because they build high walls around them

sometimes you have to take the blame though it was obvious it was not your fault just for the situation to get better

Ahlan wa sahlan ya Ramadhan! The month of blessing is here and without any doubts I am hoping to get better (well who doesnt). But there's one thing about changing for the better that I would like to stress out here. Changing is not only done through words but it's done through actions hence the saying, action speaks louder than words. For example, you know it's Ramadhan and you know that somehow during this month everyone is supposedly get nicer as the syaitans are not around and you say "I want to change and do taubat. I think I've committed a lot of sins yada yada yada" yet you're still the old you who, for instance, always perform your prayers at the last minute (or sometimes you just leave them) or you backbite people or you are always late or you swear a lot. You are aware that you wanted to change but where are your actions? I am saying this as a reminder to myself as well as you guys to not just say you want to change but act like you want to change for the better. I hope this Ramadhan will bring us more barakah than our previous ones, Insyaallah.

Moving on to what happened to my life. Like what I posted before, friends are such a big deal. So I decided to just forget about them and move on. Sounds simple but trust me, it's not that easy. To forget about someone who had gone through so many things with you and who had once promised you forever is very hard. But I know if I stick around to that kind of friend who never appreciates me for what I've done is going to be a lot worse so might as well I bid goodbye. And the moment when I said goodbye was the moment that it was proven that the person didnt really care about me and my presence. He didnt even bother to ask me what happened or so and such but instead he acted innocent like he was never the one to blame. It's as if I never existed in his life or my presence was never appreciated, I dont know. But one thing for sure, I'm moving on. I'm trying to accept the fact that people change sometimes and that they come and go easily.

That pretty much explains how my life is so far. I am having lots of problems. It's as if I'm drowning in my own problems without anyone realizing or even noticing. Well some people are there and they asked whether I'm okay or not and I appreciate their effort of showing that they care. These people are the reasons why I am still holding on. And I love them truly.

By the way, I am very very inspired by this one particular blog that I've been following for some time now. I dont know if it's her way of expressing her thoughts or whether it's about her magnificent photography skills or whether it's about her simplicity or whether it's about her cuteness and modesty or if it's because of she's a superb debater, I dont know but I am very very inspired. Go and check out her blog if you have the time. You'll be amazed, trust me.

So I guess that is all for the time being. I'll update more this time around and Insyaallah if I have the time, I'll update on my previous trip to Brisbane. Until then goodbye! xx

p.s: I am officially single again
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