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Monday, 5 August 2013

I wonder what words come across your mind every time you hear my name

one day you will come to realize how important that someone is to you but by that time, it's already too late

The unfairness of life:

1. It's unfair for you to keep ranting on your problems as a teenager when there are other people on the other side of the world who suffer a lot more than you do but still, they keep holding on.

2. It's unfair for you to go and break the rules when majority of the people follow them even though they hate rules as well.

3. It's unfair for you to expect people to understand you when you yourself dont even get what they go through every single day.

4. It's unfair for you to judge people based on what you hear from others.

5. It's unfair for you to be a paranoid on something without further knowledge about it.

6. It's unfair for you to say "kau sombong" when you had never even bothered to make the effort to go and say hi to them.

7. It's unfair for you to miss your 5 solat fardhus when there are people who stay up all night doing tahajjud and what not.

8. It's unfair for you to hate your parents.

9. It's unfair for you to spam others on Twitter.

10. It's unfair for you to brag.

And lastly, it's unfair for you to not love yourself and have that little faith in believing that you are lucky to be born to this world.
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