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Sunday, 4 August 2013

The problem is that the universe wants to be noticed

take a moment and appreciate even the smallest thing around you

Assalamualaikum. Now I realized why I was sent to Taiping in the first place. Allah had given me the chance to meet and get acquainted with some of the most amazing and caring people who I call friends. Well, best buds, to be exact. Yes, I had my ups and downs throughout these few months and it seemed like my moments of downs overcame my ups. And that's where these friends come in. I have some of the most caring friends and good listeners and somehow they're good at giving advises too. Sometimes we share the same problem. Other times, we tell each other about our insecurities and vulnerabilities. I am blessed by having this chance and I am very grateful. Though I lost a few friendships along the way, some of them actually stay. And those are the people who will forever stay and bear with me until the end. And these people are known as Arsyad Rabbani, Hazran Hazmal, Arief Najmi, Aidil Rizwan, Irfan Naufal, Amir Farhan. I love them eternally.

p/s: Sorry if your name is not stated, it's not that you're not relevant to me (I love everyone) but for some reasons, I can't seem to find your relevance at this moment.
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