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Saturday, 17 August 2013

The rest of our lives is left unwritten

Assalamualaikum! So I thought I'm going to post something before going back to college tomorrow and I think I'm going to tell you guys some of my best friends. They never fail to make me laugh hysterically whenever I'm with them. We Skype a lot which each other and talk about random things for example shitty tweets that appear on our TL or someone interesting to be stalked on Facebook or Twitter or even some bangla we see by the side of the road a few hours ago. We insult each other a lot too and we dont get offended because we are comfortable with each other. That's why I believe that best friends insult each other without getting offended. Our parents know each other and that just proves how we are damn close. We tell each other about our problems and we will try our very best to not make a joke out of their problems. (but we sometimes laugh at each other's problems lol) We call each other with silly names such as 'Mok', 'Hitam' and 'Rambut'. We take many many many pictures whenever we are together. We are very very close that we can act stupid around each other without caring what other people might think of us. And lastly, we love each other dearly even though we feel awkward in admitting it.

introducing Che Nuramira Syahira aka Chi and Mohd Ameerul Haziq aka Banjer

I think this is the only decent picture of us two which dont involve silly faces

we've been friends for almost 4 years now :')

Banjer si Hitam

Chi Mok
Black Moustache