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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

They're just jealous of us

oh those bitches never cared

Though I said I hate growing old, but there are some things that I anticipate in the future. The problem of being a teenager is that you are too old to do some of the things that are "do-able" when you were a child but at the same time, you're too young to do other things for example, driving a car or pick your own furniture for your own house or even have a family.

One of the things I cant wait is the moment when you have your own kids and you watch them going through the life that you once had gone through. And when they have problems and you're like "hah I went through that" or "that's cliche" or even "I know how it feels buddy". And the moment when you have your old pictures of your own memories and your old friends that you're still connected to, and you tell your kids about your friends. When your kids see the pictures and they'll be like "eh Abah why are you so handsome and cute in your golden days?" or "eh that's aunty Aida that came to our house last week!" or even "eh isnt that the uncle that we met last raya? Why does he looked so different back then?" and you'll tell them "well kids people grow old and eventually will leave their past behind but one thing that will definitely stay is the memories that you create and the moments that you cherish in your teenage days" and you will be like "kids this uncle's name is Hanafi. He was Abah's best friend when Abah was in MRSM Baling. He'd been there for Abah through my tough times" or "ha meet uncle Hazran. We call him Yan back then. He was so handsome and stylish and he too was one of Abah's best friend in MRSM Taiping. We often shared our problems together" etc etc. And the moment when you see your kids hang out more with their friends and not with you, and you understand that because you too had once spent more time with your friends compared to your family. And that epic moment when you realize the fact that you stalk your own kids' social networks too like what your parents are doing right now, and you understand that you are doing that because you actually care about your kids and that you dont want your kids to stray too far away. And when you fully understand that being a good parent is not that easy. You have to deal with your reluctant kids etc. And when you understand that whatever your parents had done to you are for your own good too and you use their "way of teaching child" to your kids too and you find out that your kids dont really like it just like the way you hated it too back then. And when your kids are all in boarding school and colleges and you sit with your spouse at the dining table, feeling empty because your kids are far away. 

I wonder if we will ever cry because of our kids? Maybe that moment when you're too proud of your kids when they achieve something, then you'll probably cry. For example when they become champions for a certain competition or when they get good grades in their exams. But I wonder too will we ever cry because of our kids' bad attitude? That moment when your kids' teacher call you and inform you about your kids' bad manners and you feel sad because you feel like you havent taught your kids good enough, then you'll probably cry too.

And when you grow old and you really really miss your parents but you cant find the time to go and see them that often anymore because you're too caught up with schedule but at the same time your parents have been longing to see their child but you just dont have the time. And when you feel that your ageing parents are such a burden to you. And the moment when you realize that your parents are everything to you but by that time it was already too late because they're on their way to heaven already and they're hoping for your prayers for them and hoping that they've taught you all the lessons of life and that you'll be a good son/daughter for many years to come.

So love and understand your parents as long as they're still there and dont stop praying for their eternal joy in their life and also in the hereafter.

p/s: I cried while writing this post
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