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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

You have the right for a beautiful life

spread smiles to a stranger, it might be the last sunshine he sees that day

It occured to me one day that I was about to board a RapidKL bus when I realized I didnt have enough balance in my TouchNGo card and at the same time I also didnt have any small change enough for RM1 and I didnt have a RM1 note either. I panicked for a split second as I only have RM10 notes and the driver didnt have any small change too and he asked me to wait for another bus. Waiting for another bus is the last thing on my mind as I had already waited for about 45 minutes for that one damn bus and he simply asked me to wait?! I was like hell no but at the same time I didnt know what to do at the moment when suddenly an Indian stranger behind me passed me a RM1 note and I thanked him so much for his kindness. If he didnt give me his RM1 note I think I'd be wasting at least RM9 to take a cab to the nearest LRT station. I owed him big time but I didnt know how to repay his random act of kindness. I thanked him over and over and kept thinking about how am I going to repay his kindness when a thought hit me. I could do some random act of kindness to any stranger to make sure that the kindness chain is passed. And today, as I got out from the monorail at KL Sentral to send a friend of mine back to his house in Muar, we saw an old blind woman trying to cross the street. We asked her where she was heading to and when she said she wanted to go KL Sentral as well, we volunteered to guide her there. We talked a bit while we were on our way and suddenly I remembered that maybe this was the random act of kindness that I would be doing to a stranger. I felt blessed that I was given this chance to do some good deed today and I hope that this chain of kindness wont stop.

It doesnt matter how big or small your kindness is. What matters is that you do it voluntarily and sincerely. I'm not trying to boast or whatever but I am posting this to urge the silent readers of this blog to do some random act of kindness to a stranger. It would mean a lot to them, trust me. There was this one day in college when I was doing my homework late at night when suddenly I received a RM1 credit from my friend and when I asked her why did she give it, she simply said "saje" and because I was in desperate need of credit, she helped me a lot and I was very grateful. See how your random act of kindness actually helps people? For example when you are queuing up to buy a token for LRT at the machine and the person in front of you dont have any small change, why dont you give him your extra change? Or when you have extra money, why dont you treat some of your closest friends or donate some for charity? You have nothing to lose as Allah will repay your kindness in other different ways.

To be honest, I wrote this because I am very fascinated with the revolving chain of kindness that never ends that is happening around us. So why dont we go out after this and start by spreading smiles to strangers? Who knows how your smile can affect that person.
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