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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

You only miss the Sun when it starts to snow

and you only know your lover when you let them go

Assalamualaikum. Had to say that this year's Malaysia Day holiday was the best one yet. (might as well be the best one ever) Have you ever been so happy that you actually felt so light that you feel as if you're floating and everything around you suddenly seems so good and when you're surrounded by a bunch of people who you really really love and at that moment, you feel infinite. At that moment, you feel that your life is complete and already near to perfect after all. Just imagine after months of being apart from each other, and when you finally get the chance to be with your friends who had been there with you through everything for almost 4 years, trust me, you will grab that chance by any means possible, by hook or by crook.

I had serious fun and finally after 7 months of mental and emotional depression, finally and finally I could say I was happy. Being around my friends who I consider my second family - my Baling friends - really was my most anticipated moment ever throughout my 16 years of living. Life couldnt be more happier, I swear. We even got the chance to give some talk and advice on surviving PKP. (lol I know this is so random) We celebrated my Justin Bieber's birthday too! That was the most epic birthday celebration ever! There were pulut hitam all over sickbay and of course there were flour and even a small cake. Well size dont matter, what matters is that we were finally reunited that night. We ran around here and there and just being around my friends made everything perfect. I finally got the chance to laugh out loud and talk as much as I could though I originally was not as talkative as I thought I was. I made some new friends and yeah they were as nice as I thought they were. We became good friends and I really hope that these new friendships I made wont stop just yet. And the changes in Baling that I didnt get to experience for example the new cafe, DM and surau. Facilities in Baling just got better I must say. I got really jealous of them I swear. I just wish I was still there, still surrounded by my true friends, the people who will always support me through everything, the people who will just love me for who I am, the people who will not be hypocrite or fake just for the sake of attention, the people who are not selfish and who I call my one and only FIRST BATCH.

I cried so hard when I was about to leave Baling that day. I really dont want to get separated with them ever anymore. They are the ones who I call friends who I will remember until the end of my time. I really really love them. Words cant even describe how big and deep my love is towards them. I even cried that night because I really miss them.

p/s: I really hope that one day, I will love Taiping as equal as I love Baling (or maybe slightly lesser)
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