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Friday, 11 October 2013

Some things are well said by heart

The past month had been..............too eventful. I even got to the point in which I thought I was about to lose my best friend - forever. That moment when I got out of the Chemistry lab, not knowing who it was at first, and when I finally got into the scene, I felt as if my world was breaking down into pieces. I saw the person who I just laughed and who I just talked to a few hours ago on the ground, breathing desolate sighs and just lying there in agonizing pain. I somehow can feel how he was feeling at that moment because we were just that close that I considered him my brother from another mother and I almost cried (but because there were too many people, so I decided to hold back the tears). I didnt even recognize his face because it was crooked and his mouth was portraying the pain that he was in. Every touch just brought some more pain to him and I didnt know what to do at that point. I told him that this will pass and I held his hand so that he knew I will always be there for him. I really love him.

There was this another time when 2 of my best friends got into a fight. I didnt know which side should I defend. I ended up just watching them fight. I felt guilty. The fight got worse and I knew I had to do something. At that point, the only thing that I figured I could do was to send a long text to one of them. Not long after that, he came up to me and burst into tears. It was quite shocking though knowing that he was not the crying type of guy. He cried badly on my shoulder and at that moment, I found my true friend.

I found myself crying again on one of the nights when I received a letter (not exactly a letter, more to a card) from my friends in Baling. 3 people were with me that night. My tears were literally for everyone to see. I cried in the middle of a starry night. One of them said "Jangan nangis. Tengok kat atas ada bintang, dorang semua tengah tengok kau nangis." And yeah I cried harder. I miss them too much.

All in all, I really love my friends. Cant imagine myself surviving this cruel world alone. (I dont think I'd be able to survive after all)
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