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Monday, 11 November 2013

Dont fear the stormy sky, the Sun comes up as the clouds pass by

make countless memories while you still can

I have a big family. And being the eldest among 8, sometimes you will have your rough times with them but most of the time, you will feel the sense of belonging and familiarity whenever they're around. No doubts, they are the noisiest siblings I'll ever have. I love them, really.

I'm sure 99% of you fellow readers had at least complained on how bored you were at some points of life. No matter how many technologies and gadgets you have around you, you will still get bored of them one day. You have your XBox, your iPod, your smartphones, laptops, PS3, you name it. But still, you will go "I'm bored", am I right?

But have you observed little kids? How they like to make annoying noises and how they like to run around here and there without bothering others? It took so little to make them happy. For example, you just have to make some silly faces to a baby, and that baby will laugh his ass off. Isn't it ironic? You give some crayons and pieces of papers to a little kid, and that little kid will be in his own world, imagining some things you could have never imagined. Never underestimate little kids.

It's funny how as you grow old, the excitement of life slowly finds its way out of you. You dont seem to take full advantage of  the simple pleasures of life that are happening around you. Instead, you'll always go on and on how boring this life is and how you'll always be miserable at its best, though actually you're missing out on many delightful occasions around you. You just have to appreciate this one life more and start enjoying it. You know what they say, you only live once.
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