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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Learn to change your life by living positively

Osaka was great

Assalamualaikum. It feels like ages since I last lied down on a mattress. Hello Malaysia! The 5-days trip to Osaka was splendid.

Japaneses are already renowned for their humbleness & warm hospitality that they offer to almost everyone around them. But I didnt expect them to be THAT humble & polite, though. Except for the fact that  they dont really use English, everything about them is mesmerizing. Their life is very well-planned & time conscious. Most of them use trains to get around, and you can see them running around catching their respective trains at the station. Well because if they're late even for one minute, they will get delayed by at least an hour. Once, the train was delayed for about 4 minutes, and the announcer said sorry for almost 50 times I think. They are very precise in living their life.

Have you guys ever watched a person riding a wheelchair? I bet you have. But have you guys questioned yourself how hard is it to actually sit on the wheelchair while having to push yourself around here & there, especially in the public? During my trip to Osaka, I went to a Kids Plaza (which was way cheaper than Kidzania in KL) & there was this some kind of simulation for the kids to actually experience what is it really like to ride a train in a wheelchair. It was hard for them even to do things as simple as buying a Coca Cola drink from a vending machine & to buy tickets, let alone entering the hustle and bustle of the train itself. Now I am grateful that I dont need a wheelchair to go around here and there. Alhamdulillah.

I also got the chance to go skiing somewhere near Kinosaki Onsen. I fell numerous times, though. But that taught me one thing. Skiing is not about believing in your ski gadgets, but it was about believing in yourself. You have to believe that you can stand strong on your two feet, no matter how hard it is. That moment when I decided to trust my feet, was the moment when I got to slide down the snow longer than usual without falling. My butt hurt a lot after the skiing session, though.

I posted a picture of me & my brothers on top of the ski mountain on Instagram, & Luqman Aliff said something like "not everyone can experience it" & it struck me hard. I realize how I've been such an ungrateful person all this while. I felt sorry for myself. I should be grateful for the life I'm living, instead of ranting on how dull life is, because like I posted earlier, you only live once.

p/s: Do visit Japan if you have the opportunity to do so, you will be surprised on what Japan has to offer. Plus, cute girls are everywhere hehe
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