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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

All you gotta do is try to know who your friends are before you head off to the war

it's fascinating how much excruciating pain a fake smile can hide

I ran out ideas on what to blog about but as I was thinking, maybe I could share with you guys some thoughts of mine. Some of these are constantly on my head like literally all the time. Maybe this post is a bit boring but oh well, that's me. I'm not that fun person who can make everyone around me laugh 24/7, no. I'm just that simple boring guy who happens to have a blog (what the hell). So try to um enjoy?

1. Whenever I go out in public, I always observe the people around me & wonder about so many things. You know, things that are associated with people. Wawa once posted about this in her blog & I think we're pretty much the same. I dont really stare at people though because I know it will get awkward (though Malaysians love staring at people like everyone's a criminal) but what I do is that I'll take a quick glimpse on a person's face & wonder on what would their life be like. Are they living the life they've always dreamed of or are they in an inexplicable state that they too are trying to get away from it? Did they get enough sleep last night? Is the lady having a problem with her boyfriend or husband? I always question myself questions like that. Then you watch them leave, and you dont see them again.

2. I think mostly everyone is aware of the fact that I'm quite a huge fan of Jacksgap & his twin brother, Finn. For me, I think they have a perfect life. They're good looking, they have loads of money, they're funny, they make videos, they're popular, they have the British accent, THEY'RE JUST FREAKING PERFECT & THEY LIVE A PERFECT LIFE OKAY. They're always up to something. They're living the life that some people like me have always dreamed of. There was this one time when they were moving out & they turned their bedroom into a ballpit. Another time, they went for sky diving (one of my bucket list). Now, they're working on a project to raise money (i think) for the Teenage Cancer Trust Foundation. Just watch their videos already & you'll get addicted, yes.

3. Every morning, when I wake up for Fajr prayers, I always have this chilly stuffs running through my veins. It's all because I watched this video about the three knots that we have to untie every morning (Wallahualam). I hope I can help a bit. This is the video:

4. I constantly think about death lately. I dont know what's up with me, but I just thought of what will happen after I die? Will my good deeds be enough? Wallahualam

5. I'm thinking of pursuing my 2013 to-do list HAHAHAHA I bet most of you have forgotten about that, right? I still remember that list but I dont think I can finish them by this year, so I'm going to bring them to 2014. Because this year had been too hectic for me. I bet next year will be more hectic, provided that it's my SPM year sigh

6. I wonder what will 2014 be like. I mean, I've been through a lot this year. But I'm anticipating of whatever that's coming next year.

7. I dont know what else.

8. I'm just putting some random thoughts of mine right now in my head like literally what am I thinking right now at 2306 hrs 17/12/13 hahahaha ok I think I better stop but wait I think I want to share some more but haih

HAHA okay that's all I think. Thank you for reading until the end, salam alayk.
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