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Sunday, 29 December 2013

The end is another start of something new

2013, in a picture

Since 2013 is drawing its blinds & coming to an end, I was thinking of posting my highlights of 2013. Highlights as in what were my "moments of 2013" throughout this year. I'll try as hard as possible to find a picture for each event, just so this post wont be boring.


1. January - February; Kemahiran Insaniah Kemahiran Subjek/Sosial (KIKS)
We were supposed to be "preparing" ourselves before entering upper form. So called to get used to the subjects & all but I dont think I actually learned anything lol especially during Biology slots. But I did enjoy camwhoring with Ameerul Haziq, Ammar Faruq, Hasnol Hadi & a few of other peeps. English slots were the best, though. There were so many different relaxing & enjoying activities. There was also this Keluarga Angkat program which was a great way for us to get to know the people in kampung beside our college (i forgot the name of kampung). The most memorable memory is when we planned to perform for our last day. I still remember skipping night roll call just to go "practice" & I cried that night because that was my last night in Baling & having to leave everything behind really saddens me.

proves how bored we were during slots

ehem muse baling ehem

we were asked to make a robot during english slot

i miss this night, seriously

program keluarga angkat

2. 17 January; Birthday
It was an ordinary birthday though, no surprises or what. I remember playing rugby touch on my birthday & it was splendid. I remember wasting a packet of Instax because I know I wont get that chance to take lots of pictures with my close friends anymore later on. I remember having a few friends celebrating my birthday during riadah that day. I remember getting a keychain from Hanafi from Singapore. I remember his words when he gave me that keychain. I miss everything.

3. 23 - 26 January; Jitra trip
In 2012, we planned for a short getaway in Penang & it was the most awesome trip ever! This time, we went to Faidhi Afiq's kampung in Jitra. I get to play in the paddy field, though it was short but still fun. We also went to Teacher Normazaini's wedding. I wish we can do things like this together again *sigh

fav pic of all time <3

teacher jenny is so cute!

4. 7 February; last day in Baling
Speechless, but I still gave a speech on that day. We performed on stage & I cried again. 

forever love

yay me for giving a speech on stage

5. 13 February; MRSM Taiping
A new chapter of my life begun as soon as another ended. Adapting to new surroundings & new people is not as easy as it seems, too bad. But luckily I have some lovely peeps by my side who will always keep me up whenever I stumbled on the road of life. Here are SOME of my favorite people in Taiping.

iman naimi

my beloved fatass, arsyad rabbani & che nuramira at the back

classmates, syafina wahab & hanis masturah

hazran hazmal

raja nur qhaliff

aidil rizwan

amir farhan

hanis masturah, again

raziq hider

izzat yusop aka bang handsome hotstuff

balqis zulkifle

ikkram khairul hisham


emc 13/14

elite club
homeroom brilliant 13/14

intellex 13/14

classmates; 402

6. 13 March; Jamboree Pengakap MRSM SeMalaysia
The jamboree was held in MRSM Tun Ghazali Shafie, Kuala Lipis. Had a fun experience, though my presence annoys some of the teachers hehehe but it was nice. Btw MRSM Taiping got number 3 overall hiks

nicely done

7. 27 May - 1 June; Global Solidarity Trip to Gold Coast
Now that I remember, I've never posted anything about this trip lol. Travelling with friends was nice, especially meeting new friends & getting to experience Australia in a different perspective from what I've always seen before, is truly remarkable. I've always adored Australia & everything in it. Looking forward to travel with a few of my best buddies in the future, inshaAllah.

memories :')

hashtag miss

miss more

miss most

8. 3 - 6 June; Trip to Hong Kong
Finally a decent getaway with family <3 HK was nice too

one happy family in Disneyland

welcome to disneyland!

9. June; inter MRSM debate competition
I forgot the exact date but it's somewhere around 15 June & it was held in MRSM TAR, Pekan. I cant believe I'm actually representing MRSM Taiping for debate, though I'm not as good as everybody else in the team. But overall, we made it into quarter finals & lost against MRSM Gerik with a margin of 1 & we didnt think we deserve the lost but oh well judges decide.

yeah that's me talking in the quarters

10. 13 August; Raya open house
This open house was great, many friends dropped by & I was happy.


bp - tpg - blg - mrsmf - tgb - tpg - lgk - tgb

11. 14 - 16 September; Hari Malaysia & short visit to Baling

forever miss this sign


dah lama tak keluar riadah haih


hi aina amirah

forum perdana 2013 lol

intan syuhada dah kurus!

the biggest birthday card ever, yup

hi farah suhaimi

anas yunus & faris aiman


13. 21 September; E-Night
It was a fun night, Hanis Zawani also came all the way from Baling. We had a nice chat after long time no see each other.

hanis zawani mok

14. 4 - 6 October; kem kepimpinan
One of the camps which I want to go through again.

nice isnt it?

free ~~

teammates aka badar

15. 23 - 28 November; Osaka Trip
I told you guys about this trip already so nah pics

spot qadri

japanese enuf?

acah acah model sat

happy fam bam


So I guess that's all for 2013? WOAH THIS WAS LONG & TIRING haih I did this because I didnt want to do another "to-do" post because I know I wont have the time to do those stuffs next year :(
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