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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Walk in my shoes first before you simply judge

sometimes it's annoying when all i can think about is you & how i dont matter anymore

Assalamualaikum. It's the 25th & yes it's Christmas & what did I spend my day with? Homework! Yay me I'm going back to school in less than a week yayerzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

From my observations, I can conclude that there are 2 types of people in the society that we're living in. The first group would be the people who are the stars of nearly everything. They manage to get people's attention in everything they do. People look up to them as if they're the king of the area. They do well in the stuffs that they''re supposed to do for example in sports or academics or maybe even both. They're the center of attention no matter what they do, people will always notice them. Even when they walk past by, many eyes will try to get a glimpse of them. That shows how much people really respect them.

Then there's this second group of people, which are the ones who help the stars become stars. Sadly, they're never noticed by anybody. They are always there by the side of the stars, making sure that the stars shine in their brightest glow, but people are too busy looking at the stars that they dont notice them. They're always living under the shadow of the stars, which they didnt ask for, but they had to because there are no other ways of being a star too because they're simply not good enough in the eye of society. They polish the stars every single day but their effort only benefits the stars. They work their ass off to get noticed too but unfortunately, nobody notices them. Sometimes, I find this unfair.

You know, having people around you, making you feel good, making you feel as if you're the center of attention, is sometimes not good. Because you may have millions of friends, but in the end, only a few will stay. Having so many fake friends is no better compared to having just one true friend. That one true friend is worth more than the stars in the sky. They're one in a million. Appreciate your friends while you still can, you may not get the chance later on. "Use" your friends wisely, dont "misuse" them. Lead them to the right path, & in shaa Allah they too will show you the way. True friends illuminate your life with lights of happiness whenever you're around them.

p/s: I know it's quite late but congrats to all those PMR candidates! No matter how many A's you get, dont forget that one "A", Allah swt
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