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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Young, not wild & not free

the thing about love is that no one knows how you're feeling

Assalamualaikum. Sorry for not posting anything for a while. I guess my life had been too dull lately. Facing the same holiday routine since forever. (Not including the truck loads of homework I have to finish up though)

Lets talk about something a bit simple but plays a vital role in our life, which is being grateful. Have you ever woke up from sleep one day & realize how lucky you are for being given another day to live, another day to do good deeds, another day to breathe in abundant amount of oxygen, another day to see your family & friends, another day to seek forgiveness from Allah & another day to not die? Do you realize how many people dont get to wake up to a brand new day like you did? I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I wonder if on one fine day, when I cant open my eyes because my body is not living anymore, will my good deeds be enough for me to achieve Jannah in the hereafter? Wallahualam. So are you, fellow silent readers, grateful enough for this day that you just went through? Whether your day was joyful or painful, be grateful because if Allah decides it's time, then you will be dying to get another day of living.

I have one heart, & this one heart is not capable of fulfilling the needs of millions of other hearts. I cant please everyone & everyone cant please me too. That's a simple rule of life that I think is forgotten by most of us. We expect too much from others but are ourselves on par with our own expectations?

I know this post is kinda random but I thought I just had to share this. Goodbye, salam alayk xx
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