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Monday, 24 March 2014

Told myself to not get too attached but i just cant

Assalamualaikum. Have you ever felt like your friends just dont care about you? And the ironic thing is that you'll gradually lose a friend as soon as you gain one. I guess it's natural for a person to value new friends more than their "old friends". You know, how you've been trying so hard to actually be friends with everyone but they simply take you for granted. They dont really care about you, so much for the "best friends forever". How you've grown so used to being neglected & forgotten that you dont really mind when you realize your once best friend is now a complete stranger to you. It's okay, I get that maybe there are other people who are more worthy than me. After all, I'm not a good friend anyway. Just dont forget how I was there when nobody was & dont come back to me when your """friends"""" leave you. :)

P/s: I know this is quite cheesy but I just felt the need to post this
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