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Monday, 26 May 2014

Let's go to a place where it's safe & comfy. I like it like that

You know how much some people are really into the word "forever"? They really hold on to that invisible & doubtful faith that they themselves dont know how long "forever" actually is. It's quite amazing how some people can change totally in a nick of time. I admit, I changed a lot too. But is it truly my fault for changing? Is it really wrong if I change for the sake of my own betterment? If I think it's best for me & I'm happy with it, who are you to judge & tell me that I'm doing the wrong thing?

Honestly, I started off 2014 good. Really good. I almost thought that 2014 will be my next 2012. But as the days passed by, I guess I was wrong. I am starting to feel....lost. Everything changed. I lost a few of my best friends along the way. I feel stupid for losing some of the friendships that I really really treasure. I guess I should have set my priorities right. But somehow, I'm a bit glad. For every loss, there will always be another gain. Just like Chemistry. Hehe.

Whatever it is, life has to be passed on, they said. What's the point of ranting over the past anyway?

p/s: not regretting anything that's happening or whatever's coming
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