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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

There are monsters inside of us, & sometimes they win

not so many people get a second chance

Assalamualaikum. Have you ever felt like you're just too.......average? Like you want to do so many things but you're just mediocre at it. You want to accomplish so much but you're never outstanding at most of the things that you do. It's like you're never good enough. Well sometimes you think that you've done so good at something, whilst actually your best is not good enough. Heck none of us will ever be perfect. If we keep on believing that we're a failure, forever will we be failures. It's all in the mind, dude.

I'm tired of living up to people's expectations. Sometimes people tend to put really really really high hopes on you simply because they "believe" in you. But who are you to lie? You know yourself better. You know your own strengths & weaknesses. If you know you're not capable of doing a certain thing, you better off not do it. But if you want to treat all those expectations as your motivation, then go ahead. But for me, if I know that I'm not good at a certain thing, so I wont ever do it for the rest of my life. Unless if it's my first time doing it, then maybe I'll give it a shot.

I am still finding what my strengths are. I kinda suck in everything that I pursue. Haih. Maybe one day I will find that positive side of me which I can take advantage for my future undertakings. Wish me luck!
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