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Saturday, 20 September 2014

I cant express how thankful I am for our little infinity


I'm still in a confused state whereby my mind's still wondering why did you take on that decision so soon? I'll miss you, so so so so so much. I'm usually okay with separating, but not when it's too soon. I know I may not even matter much in your life picture but hey, you mean a lot to me.

I still remember when we first started knowing each other, & it was your birthday. I had to force you to accept your birthday present. I didn't know you were so bloody stubborn, but I'm going to miss you and your obstinacy. There was also this one time when I was not in school & you were sick, how many times did I actually ask you to go to the clinic or to at least eat anything? You did not even bother to listen to me when I was at home, crazily thinking whether you're fine or not. But still, you did go to the clinic after numerous times of forcing, & also after I asked my friend to pass Panadol to you. If only I were there with you, I would really pinch you for being so stubborn (which I'll do every time I see you). I hope you'll find someone who cares for you as much as I do at your new place.

I still remember this one time when I was stressed out from studying & then you came to my room & we just talked & talked until it was about 2 am I think. I really enjoyed having you around, accompanying me & reminding me that I do have someone to turn to.

I'll miss our little conversations at night, I'll miss watching you sleep, I'll miss coming over to your place to disturb you, I'll miss your cute laughs, I'll miss it when you do your silly faces, I'll miss being annoying to you or taking your stuffs away from you. I'll miss everything about you.

I want to ask you to not forget me, but everyone will eventually move on right? So I really hope that you'll have a nice life there, as you wish. Good luck for your future undertakings, & please know that I love you so much, Syamil bin Mohd Nazri.

never thought you were serious about it though

overly attached

feel free to come over again

sorry sebab curi but i cant help your cute face

thank you for everything, sorry for anything

Black Moustache