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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

In the end, it all comes down to society

they tell you to be yourself, then they judge you for who you are

I've been thinking a lot about how Allah has actually been there for us the entire time. We were the ones who keep forgetting Him. We get & forget, but He gives & forgives. Allahu. I know this may sound too truistic but yes nobody can deny that. You know, it's when those little things happen to you & suddenly you come into realization that Allah was the one who helped you, not anyone else or even your own self cannot help you. Everything comes from Him. He protects you when He wants to & there must be a solid reason as to why He gives you so many challenges. Sometimes He closes all the doors & windows for you so that you will be safe from the storm outside. Other times, He throws into your heart the feeling of ultimate remorse that you come to a point where you will feel disgusted at yourself for all the bad deeds that you've done & for forgetting Him. And then, you'll go astray as a result of your own lust but still, if He wants you back into the straight path, He will guide you. He will. At times, He doesnt change your situation because He wants to change your heart & also because He misses you dearly. Dont ever lose hope on Him, & He will give you more than what you think you deserve. Allahu.

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