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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Remind me how it used to be?

remind me why did i fall for you again?

Do you really think you know someone? Know as in know deep inside them like how they are at home or what are the things they love doing the most or who are the person they really look up to or even what food they love. Have you ever come to a point where you think you've decently know a person when in fact you dont even know anything about them. It occurred to me previously several times, & I feel.......bad. I felt like I havent been a good friend to them all this while when they desperately needed someone to talk to but I didnt even realize it, when in fact I see or talk to them everyday but I still cant seem to comprehend their need to actually express themselves.

I'm bad enough to absentmindedly ignore a person who's actually a good friend of mine. I didnt even know the pain he had to endure since he was little. Trust me, he went through a lot. When I heard of his stories that one time, I broke down so hard that I cried non-stop until a few hours after he finished telling me his life stories. I'm sorry, friend. I hope I could turn back time so I could spend more time with you & get to know you better. I'm truly sorry.
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