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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

That time of the year is here again, for good

im not crying, no

Isnt it amazing how the heart can abruptly change in the matter of time? It's like, one second you're contemplating whether or not you should trim your hair then the next second you think nah maybe next time. I currently am feeling that way. I still remember how I used to say; I wont love this new school, I wont get along well with these snobbish weird geeks, & that I will forever despise the fact that I'd have to endure another 2 years here. Well now, here I am, done with surviving the strenuous system.

Towards the end of high school, it suddenly occurred to me that there are actually a lot of things to be treasured after all. If you ignore the things that will constantly make you feel down, your life is actually more than what you've always thought it were. I mean, if you observe closely the amazing people around you, whose presence you'd always taken for granted, you will actually feel great.

To think about it, for me, I personally believe happiness is solely a choice. It's up to yourself whether you want to continue succumb into depression or to let loose & just face everything that's coming triumphantly. I wrongly chose the first one initially but as I progressed & soon as I began to realize, I started choosing right, for my own sake, for my own cherished memory.

Here's to the end of another chapter of Qadri's The Great Wonderful Life book. School life had been such a tremendous ride. As much as I want to go for another ride again. I'm still grateful of the remnants of my teenage years in which I can tell about them to my future kids. ((But trust me, never will I consider of going through another year of school. Never.))

They say endings are the best part, & towards the end, I fixed some of my relationships with the people I've lost along the way, making the ending of my story more memorable & interesting. I started getting close with the people who I've always hated just because I didnt have the chance to know them better. In fact, within my very last couple of days, I kept myself distant from a few people because I know I couldnt handle the upcoming sense of losing.

I know things will never be the same again, no matter how hard we try to keep it, the friendship we built these couple of years wont ever be like how it used to be. Everyone will start taking their driving license, start studying, start going abroad, start to actually living life without anyone to tell them what's right or what's wrong, without any specific rules to consider, with the new acquaintances they'll gain throughout their life journey, their life partners, their kids, their own family. Nothing's ever going to be the same.

I'm going to miss each & everyone of them, definitely. Their differences actually light up my world & that's mainly why I treasure each & everyone of them. Though I still hated some of them, they are who they are & no matter how much hatred I have towards them, I know they wont change just because of me.

I think everyone's aware of how much of a crybaby I am but miraculously, I survived my last day without breaking down. Yay for me?

ps: goodbye school, thanks for the memories
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