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Monday, 29 December 2014

Dont wake me up, I know this is another dream

i'd like to be my old self again, but i'm still tryna find it

Here's the reality - there wont ever be a year where your life is all rainbows & sunshine. Dont vaguely hope 2015 will be a great year, instead take a positive step for yourself to change for the better. There will always be bumps on the road, big or small, you just have to go through it. You definitely are not the same person you were earlier in 2014, & who knows maybe you had turned out to be the person you said you never would be. Well life can be a bitch sometimes, you just have to show life the ferocious side of you & dont ever give in. At some points, you will have your breakdowns, your sorrows, your downfalls, maybe some hardships along the way, but dont forget that you will experience triumphs & victories too. There will always be a time when you think the whole world is against you, & you feel that all hopes are gone, & you're completely lost & all by yourself in this cruel world. Well take it positively, maybe it's the best time for you to cool down by yourself, stand on your own feet or maybe get closer to the One, who's been waiting for your prayers all the time.

I admit, 2014 has been such a thrilling ride for this helpless rider. The ups & downs, the balanced positive & negative vibes, the confusing yet calming people, the unstable relationship, the saddest & biggest news, the curiosity which I never had the guts to unravel, & all the other perplexed things I've been thinking to myself this past year. However that doesnt mean I'm giving up just yet.

I started off 2014 great, like really great. I had one of the most memorable birthday this year. To be surprised with a few mini celebrations & pranks meant a lot to me. I didnt expect any of them, but to me, those effort that some of my friends had put in, is priceless. Never can I repay any of those thoughtful things that you guys had carefully & secretively planned though I had tried my very best not to fall for any pranks, but yet I did - and I'm grateful.

Thank you, (1) EMCs for planning an impressive surprise for me during Starbucks night at the Student's Center with a cute cake which I'll never forget & a big crowd who sang happy birthday which almost made me broke down but I didnt because Madam Azida, Madam Sab & Miss Nurul were there, (2) Che NurAmira Syahira, Balqis Zulkifle, Aidil Rizwan, & a few others who were involved directly or indirectly in cracking up an unexpected prank for me which involved my undies & a MARA logo which we laughed so hard that we actually rolled on the grass while my undies were everywhere, literally flying, (3) Arsyad Rabbani, Firdaus Ibrahim, Khairul Syafiq, Raziq Hider, Arief Najmi, & others who joined in dragging me from Dewan Selera in the middle of night right towards AB block, then to the airwell while I struggled so hard for my life & for successfully draining me with water & for the simple yet memorable cake & for singing to my drenched self in the toilet while we ate cake & ran around & played with icing in the airwell. Thank you, for the memories.

A few people came & left, even some of them who I least expected them to leave, left me hanging as well. It's okay, I figured out the ultimate fact that people wont stay with you forever. There will come a time when our paths wont cross again & we will eventually leave some people behind in continuing our own path, creating our own journey of life while gaining more people who will voluntarily ride with you along. If our paths cross again in the future, I'll be more than happy, but if they dont, consider it's not destined for us to be together in this world. Maybe in the hereafter, I guess? In another circumstance in which we've finally passed the ultimate test of life, standing hand by hand, entering the ultimate place where every human being would really want to be - heaven.

So here's to another year of living, if Allah wills & if my heart keeps being good at beating & if my health is considerate enough. Life, bring it on!
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