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Monday, 1 December 2014

Endings are definitely the best part, everything else is starting to fit into picture

you cant always get everything that you want, at the same time

It's pretty much disturbing how I badly crave for the things I cant have. Like how captivating a thought might be to me, but then I realize the fact that it's so far away & I cant grasp that seemingly tangible thought. It's sad, isnt it? How I crave for a person & realizing that I'm losing another. That's even sadder. I know I cant have both of them at the same time, but please, I'm trying so hard to evenly divide my time & effort for both of them, provided that I love both of them equally. I cant bear losing any one of them, as it's very much painful. For both of them are the ones who light up my world when everything else fades & darkens. For they are the ones who I constantly miss every single time, wishing that I could see them all day everyday. They are also the ones who I'm so grateful for having them & getting to know them deeply. I dont know, but all I know is I love them so much.

ps: leaving for Korea tonight, ecstatic as hell
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