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Monday, 22 December 2014

I don't usually dance, but for you I did

"Why does it hurt so much?"
"Because it was real"

I've always been the kind of son who seldom spends his time in the house, especially during this time of the year. I would constantly venture out to find some "adventure" in town, with my parents' consent of course. Sometimes, I would go to certain extents in which I, myself, am quite astonished of how much I've actually "accomplished" alone. I love being surrounded by complete strangers, not knowing what are they facing or how well are they in actually living their life. It somehow gives me the sense of satisfaction & it also intrigues me that I'm actually a nobody in a world full of other remarkable people who I don't even know existed. But then, I often forget that I'm actually an important person to the people back home, who would always patiently wait for my safe return & make sure I'm okay out in this mad world. I suddenly came into realization that my family is my one & only priority & that they will never ever let me down. In the end, family's what matters most. I'm so grateful to be blessed with a truly amazing family which I would never trade for anything else.

You know what people say, "what goes around, comes around", I think that phrase suits me well currently. I haven't been treating one of my friends right since the past couple of weeks & I think it's starting to hit me back on the face, hard. I've been such a jerk to him & the worst thing is I didn't even realize what went wrong until I was struck by the exact same thing which I did to him. I took him for granted & now I'm taken for granted by someone else. I didn't put him on top of my list when he was there, all the time for me during my highs & lows. I feel disgusted at myself, but now I know it's already too late to fix things up as I know how much hatred he has for me currently. I'm truly sorry, friend. I hope you're doing extra fine without me.

ps: it took me a taxi ride back home to realize how lucky I was to be blessed with such an amazing opportunity which not everyone gets
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