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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Imagine all the people living life in peace?

it's a mad world after all....right?

You know why I love using public transports? You get to see all kinds of human behaviors that you didnt know people like them actually existed. Their idiosyncrasy is just.....valuable (in an odd way).

A stylish Indian woman came in. She was busy talking to the phone & was scouting around for an empty seat. Ignoring others as she passed by, she found one & settled in her own world. Another autistic Malay kid came in with his family. He was laughing a weird laugh that people around him couldnt help but to stare oddly at him. He sat right next to the Indian lady & continued being his disabled self. The lady shot a disgusted look & never even once glanced at the boy. In fact she gave a ferocious glare & turned away, still giving the boy the most disgusted look her face could possibly picture. Both of them got off on the same station, the boy's distinctive laugh still heard throughout the hustle & bustle.

Two figures were going down the escalator. A crippled man & a teenage girl. The girl was holding a tumbler & the man's hand. The man was literally an awful mess. Crumpled white shirt with a pair of weary shoes, plus his messy hairdo. The train finally came & they went into the train. The girl found a seat for the old man & she quickly whispered something to the man's ear & managed to get off before the doors were closed. She stood outside of the train, staring a pity stare towards the man, while the train slowly made its way to the next stop. She couldnt take her eyes off the man until the her view was definitely limited. She went away.

These two simultaneous incidents amaze me in a way I could not even explain. It got my eyes teary on my way home.

ps: happy 25th birthday my baby Taytay. love you
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