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Friday, 16 January 2015

I cant work out how to go through my own emotions

i need you more than you'll ever know

Success for me is a big word & the definition of success varies from a person to another. Wealth is a measure of success for some, while for others, it might be their inner satisfaction, or some may even define success as living up to people's expectations. The problem is, people would put so many expectations on you, too high for you to even accomplish as some of them are beyond your limits, but then again we're inclined to satisfy them by trying so hard to be recognized by people. We're not being desperate, but that's how people are, right? We badly crave to be significant in this not so significant world.

There will also come a time when we dont know to whom we should reach out to, it's mainly when we're so desperately in need of help or haunted by a very disturbingly haunting question. We tend to be so afraid & we keep thinking to ourselves that if we reach out, what would people perceive of us? Would they think I'm stupid for not knowing how to solve my own problems? Would they think of me as a helpless person that they wont even bother helping us? etc

These mental barriers are often the ones keeping us from actually pursuing what we've always wanted to pursue. To be happy & feeling fulfilled of what we've accomplished, many would want that. But how many of us would actually take the leap of faith & break these mental block? Not me.....yet.

ps: dont question why i started caring less if you were the one who broke me in the first place & left me to pick up my own pieces by myself
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