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Thursday, 8 January 2015

Is it wrong to be happy, even during a rainy day?

this rainy day would be just fine

You know you're getting old when you dont have to worry anymore about the lady at the ticket counter every time you want to watch an 18-rated movie. Or when you have to pay RM12 for a haircut at the barber instead of the usual "school children" RM7. Or when you're in the midst of a room makeover & you realise you have to start putting some stuffs into the store simply because you dont know if you'll ever need them anymore after this ie old school stuffs. Or when you start worrying when to actually start doing your driver's license. Or when you start to appreciate every moment you spend with your loved ones especially your family because you know you'll hardly get the chance later on. Or even, when you know you're enrolling for college real soon.

I cant believe that it's really happening. I'm not a school boy anymore, I'm a college boy. College boy sounds way better than school boy - it sounds more masculine & macho - especially when I'm starting college way earlier than most of my peers. Wow, it feels like yesterday I stepped into school, having butterflies all over my stomach, worrying what will the strangers in the school compound think of me. I'm practically going through the exact same thing (meeting new people) all over again, only this time, it's in a bigger & bolder scale.

I cant say that I'm not nervous, well who doesnt? But I'll just carefully make my way through the unfamiliar faces just like I always did previously. Honestly I'm quite pumped up about this new thing because hey man it's a new phase of life, no more school or teachers lurking around to scare the shit out of you anymore. I'm finally on my own now, well not entirely but literally. I'm finally moving on.

ps: I updated the INTRODUCING ME page until fact number 11, just so you know
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