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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The world's so beautiful yet I'm so lost & lonely

i wont wait forever

I never felt so lost before. It's like I'm going with the flow, not knowing what am I really doing & just following everyone else in hoping that I would learn something from them. It suddenly came to me that being all by yourself is not an easy thing to do. I look around me, seeing too many unfamiliar faces & then there I was, all alone & not having anyone to talk to. That sucks, but I myself am not really a talkative person & not a fun person to be with either. That's mainly why people leave me, I guess? I've gotten too used to people leaving, it's perfectly fine. I wont bother chasing for people who will keep running away from me. Nope, not wasting my time on temporary people. My problem is I tend to appreciate the ones who do not even put me on top of their list, when I'd do pretty much anything for them, & then neglect the ones who are constantly there for me, because I get too carried away by those who do not appreciate me. It's like I've gotten oblivious with the care & kindness that people around me shower me with because most of the time I'm too busy thinking about the people who do not treat me well. I'm stupid, right?

ps: there goes my first tears of 2015
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