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Monday, 16 February 2015

After all, life doesnt stop for anyone

I'm just writing this because I cant stand seeing that one particular post being somehow "featured" on the main page. I should've just deleted it but I'm too nice. I should have deleted everything about you, your photos in my phone which I've already transferred into my laptop but I still keep them because I'll keep coming back at them whenever I feel lonely (I only keep your pictures, the others I transfer then immediately delete to make space for new memories), or the screenshots of the conversations we used to have months ago in which there's nothing worth screen-shotting now, or my WhatsApp & WeChat backgrounds & my home screen background, or little things around my room which I bought just because they remind me of you. I should just "un-favorite" you on my contact list, log out your account in my phone, remove your thumbprint, store the polaroid film of us I keep in my wallet so I could see it forget you.

But it's not that easy & never have I wanted to forget you, ever. You gave me so much to remember by, that's why I miss you a lot.

ps; i hope you're happy
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