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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Blood's drowning in alcohol

give me love 'cause lately i've been waking up alone

It occurred to me that being someone's friend is not about how you feel about them. It's also not about the hours that you managed to spend together, or the surprises or presents or thoughtful words they pour out for you on your special days eg birthday, wedding day, interview day, going to college day. Being a friend is not only about the laughs & tears you shed together, or when he was there, hugging you when you were at your worst just to remind you that everything's going to be okay. Everyone can make you feel better, make you forget for a while that things are not going to stay worse forever, that there will always be a rainbow after the hurricane. But you also have to remember that only a handful of them will make you feel good of yourself.

Sometimes, we are too engrossed with the notion that we will always have someone who will look after us, who will always care for our needs, that we tend to forget how does it feel like when nobody's around. If a friend is good enough, he will make you feel great of yourself, that you wont really feel unwanted at some points. Well, some people go from best friends to strangers real quick, but it wont really happen if someone is truly your friend. You dont really need to talk everyday, as long as you know he's happy, you're happy.

I was watching a movie about friendship with a friend of mine, & hell it felt damn awkward when it came to the cheesy part. But what touched me deep inside was both of us quickly turned to each other when the cheesy part came. Right at the moment, I knew he was my best friend. The movie went something like "a good friend will make you feel good about yourself, & I've never felt anything like being with you when I'm with someone else" ((in a serious friendly mode))

Though we annoy each other most of the time when we're together, we both know we'll always have each other right under our sleeves. In fact, I miss being annoying to him when he's not around, because I know nobody else would bear with my annoyance as much as he would. There was also this one time when someone else who barely knew about our friendship went out with the both of us (kacau orang dating), & said he could see that we were very close right from the very first moment he saw us interacting with each other.

I think I'm starting to ramble but I just wanna say, I love you, friend.

ps; how desperate am i for your love? i dreamt of you texting me hi
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