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Thursday, 26 February 2015

The idea of forever itself is temporary

fear is within you, waiting to be unleashed & set free

I was on YouTube the other day & saw that JacksGap uploaded a new video entitled The Collaboration Project: Fear. I was enticed to view it as soon as I saw it because I watched the previous video of The Collaboration Project which was about Love, & I was very much in love with the idea of the video & how it was conducted, which was via Skype. You guys should totally watch it, if you ever find yourself doing nothing & would want to spark a bit of inspiration within yourself.

So lets talk about my fears. I've always been scared of the dark, especially when it involves creepy & isolated hallways, ugh. There was this one time when I had no choice but to walk through this spooky hallway in my school just to get a valuable of mine which I left in class. Bear in mind that I left the thing in the first place purposedly because there was a rumour going on about a spotcheck, in which it didnt happen, which in turn frustrated me. I asked 2 of my best friends to accompany me back to class as it was 2 in the morning, just to make sure the coast is clear & also to be my bodyguards. The journey to class was bearable as I was motivated by the need to get the valuable as soon as possible to use it for the night. However the journey back to dormitory was hell. I didnt even realise how horrifyingly silent it was when we were on our way to class but somehow it struck me that I've never heard silence that loud. I decided to be in between both of my best buds & held one of their hands too tight that he almost couldnt breathe. That was one of the most memorable gestures I've ever done to a person. But I figured out a way to get over that fear by time.

I'm also scared of people's expectations. I honestly dont really like it when people put too much hope on me, especially on areas which are beyond my capabilities. It's quite stupid to rant on this because people would still put their expectations anyway no matter what you say or how convincing you might be. I'm kinda scared of not being able to reach up to their expectations, & be considered a failure to them. I know success is defined differently & that my definition of success might be a happy life with kids while yours might be good grades & high-paying jobs. But well, I found a way to overcome that fear too.

The thing I fear most, is being left alone.
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