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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Does it make you feel better?

'cause it's making me worse

Being nice can sometimes be fatal to you. For instance, when someone pisses you off, but you decide not to do anything to them simply because you don't want to make things worse & you don't want to pick a fight with anyone. But then again, you hurt yourself because people will keep on walking over you & stepping on you as if you're just a piece of shit, because they know you won't do anything about it & they know that you're too nice to even get pissed off. My patience has its limits too, but somehow my level of patience is a bit higher than everybody else. However if you're really getting on my nerves then I won't hesitate on discharging all of the madness I've been holding on inside.

But some people say it's the other way around. To be able to be kind & nice to everyone in a world full of hatred, is somehow considered a gift. I believe it's okay to be nice, but it's not okay to let people step on you regardless of who they are or what situation you're in. At one point, you have to stand up for yourself.
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