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Saturday, 7 March 2015

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I know this is quite overdue, but I have to say, I've made it. It finally paid off. All the hard work & determination I've put in all this while is finally reflected on that piece of paper & also on my parents' faces. I know how much I struggled for SPM, especially knowing that I was not really great in certain topics & subjects that I had to literally read through the whole 500-page revision book just to make sure that I've covered every single thing possible. When I looked back & realised how stressed I was during the course of 3 weeks, I'm really grateful for having parents who went into the battlefield with me & stayed right next to me while I fought hard with their constant support. The way my mum would text me everyday asking how did I do for the paper I sat on that particular day, or when my parents Facetime-ed me just because I had a rough paper & when I received a mile-long text message from my dad after my terrible PA & Addmaths papers even though he's not really the type of person who texts me that much. I'm grateful for everything, Alhamdulillah.

ps; no matter how many A's you get, dont forget that one A, Allah swt
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