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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

We made these memories for ourselves

we are surrounded by all of these lies & people who talk too much

Ed Sheeran is my inspiration. He's this humble guy who can practically make everyone literally cry their hearts out & also make people move on their feet, both by only listening to his songs. His words are bubbly yet touching. He started from the bottom. Been homeless for a few years, asking the audience if anyone could let him sleep on their couch for the night, played by the streets, got rejected for "being ginger". But now he's here. Playing to sold out shows, achieving platinum sales for both of his albums, making tons of money & being the worldwide inspiration of many. He sparks motivation for people who are going through a tough time in their life, having songs that fit almost every moment in life. It's kinda disturbing but inspirational at the same time.

I didn't regret paying more just to see him with my own eyes. literally breathing the same air as him in the same room with people who share the same interest as I do. The experience itself is priceless. Plus, I was accompanied by a lovely companion whom I would never want to lose, ever.
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