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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Every second passing reminds me I'm not home

i buy happiness from shopping carts

Have you ever been in a situation when you're in someone's company then in between laughter & stories, you realise how meaningful they really are to you? Like when you're with a person, you really feel the connection between you two & you secretly hope that the bond between you will last forever. And it really hit you if that person is ever going far away from you, you'll feel a massive sense of loss. I had those moments a few times in this past month.

It occurred to me that in this point of my life, I need to be extra careful when it comes to having close relationships with people around me. At this stage, I prefer to only focus my time & effort on a few friendships that really matter to me, rather than wasting my precious time on temporary people. If I want you in my life picture until I get married & have little kids, I'll work my ass off in making you stay. Or else, just consider you're just another part of my life that doesn't really matter in the course of the next few years.

I had to do this. I got sick of being ignored & being treated like trash. I had enough. I have to be selective in choosing who stays. I don't need too many people who would hurt me in the end. I only need a few who are worth keeping. I don't mind having many acquaintances though, I only need a few close friends that should be worthwhile.

The extent I'd go for a person is absurd. It's just that when I love a person, I love them hard. I don't really care about a person that much, honestly, but if I'm comfortable being around you, please don't waste me. Maybe it's okay if you lose me, but it's never fine for me to lose people who are deemed precious by my heart. However, once I give up, there's no turning back. If you say goodbye, then that's it. I'm gone forever.

ps; how do you get bored when you have your happy little pill around?
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